Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Education is pillar of development and a basic right of every single child. According to the Millennium Development Goal, 2000-2015, every child has accessibility to primary education but still many children are unable due to economic reason and many other social barrier associated to it. So we have come up with ‘One Child One Sponsor’ campaign under which one child is given one sponsor who will provide educational sponsorship to a child for perusing his/her school education.
Green Child Campaign is another program launched by Jiwanta Nepal targeted to school sectors. The eco clubs are formed and engaged them for environment activities which the children themselves will conduct and the awareness will disseminated to juniors and finally collaborated to many other eco-clubs from other educational institution.

Beside that Jiwanta Nepal has also been organize many environment programs in school sectors. Organization provides Teacher Training on developing the recreational teaching strategies and uses of Information and Communication technology in teaching so that environment education get leap up and becomes more effective in schools.


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