Friday, November 6, 2015


Community is a natural group living together and sharing a common dependencies and the resources to fulfill those need too. Crucially this conjoin relation put them to the equal bearer of any consequences of the problem that fall to the community as a whole too. The other way round if we see the community is also one of the sturdy level form where the process of development or the civilization hike. So acknowledging this fact, Jiwanta Nepal has target its many program of community level with high participation of the community people.

Jiwanta Nepal is working with concept of seed banking in Khokana and Shimali of Kathmandu valley. The program is being brought in alliance with Navdanya, India. Seed banking concept is developed for aiming the long term storage of biodiversity, particularly for perpetuation of genetic seeds which has gradually been replacing by the genetically modified seeds (GMO) manufactured by the companies . Also the seed banking concept helps community to spring back from the impact of natural disaster and develop the resiliency marching to adaptation.

Jiwanta Nepal has also been actively involved in sustainable solid waste management at community level. The organization has been conducting numerous workshop, training and cleaning campaigns in many communities on how community can manage their waste locally and transform it as income generating source. Besides that Jiwanta Nepal has actively worked in rehabilitation of the recent earthquake victims in Khokana, Lalitpur and Dahachowk area of Kathmandu valley. Particularly those victims who were already economically marginalized and the differently able victims were rehabilitated.


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