Friday, November 6, 2015

Executive Board Committee

The current Executive Board Committee of Jiwanta Nepal comprises of seven members. EC members review the major issues faced by the organization, weighing pros and cons and taking necessary steps for the welfare of the organization. EC members have fixed tenure of two years (April 2022 - March 2024).

The current advisory board consists of two members. The advisory board provide necessary inputs and direction as required or asked by the EC.

Members of EC


Prasuj has experience of working with numerous youth led organizations. He completed his Bachelor degree in Rural development from Tribhuwan University. He has worked as Coordinator for heritage preservation and promotion at Kathmandu Metropolitan City's SamYuBaa. Besides KMC, he has worked at Global Power Shifter, Clean up Nepal, SDI and Kathmandu Coordinator of poly bag free campaign at RECHPEC. He even worked at Kedareswor Youth Club as Vice President for almost six years. Currently he is also the member of Nepal Red Cross Society, Baneswor.


Saurav is currently persuing Masters in Sustainable Development (MSD) from Kathmandu University and has completed his Bachelor degree in Microbiology. He has been engaged in various youth led organisation including Youth Initiative and 1step Foundation. He has also experience of working at Election Commission Office.

He has been engaged in several projects implemented by United Nations related to health and sanitation. He has also conducted numerous trainings and seminars on youth leadership and personal development. He has better problem-solving abilities and a willingness to work together toward the common goal.


Mukunda has completed his Master of Business Administration (MBA). He worked as a site coordinator for Clean up Nepal, a non profit organisation working in solid waste management sector. He is also the member of Youth Initiative.

He possess extraordinary communication, analytical skill and interpersonal abilities. He is talent for identifying, scrutinizing, improving, and streamlining complex work processes. As the youngest member, he believes that the youngster must come in the front line and work for the sustainable environment.


Suja did her Bachelor in arts and social work from St. Xavier College, Maitighar and Master Degree in Environment Education and Sustainable Development from Kathmandu University. She is currently perusing her M.Phil. degree in Education. She has worked in many NGO's and INGO's since 2007. She has attended many international and national conferences and published research articles related to solid waste management. Till date she has been able to gather experiences related to community based work, workshops, trainings and conferences.

She has earlier experience of working in Share and Care Nepal as a field operation facilitator. Besides that she was also a facilitator at Social Service Center, Jawalkhel. Alongwith that she is also an event organiser at Odyssey Zorastrism (OZ) since 2010. She has expertise in effective leadership and strategic skills making strong, established bonds with key constituents and stakeholders.


As an enterprise development facilitator, Niraj prepares entrepreneurs business plan for Jiwanta Nepal and various other national and international organizations. He has earlier experience of working with Cottage and Small Industry Development Board at Darchula, Rasuwa and Kathmandu. He has completed Bachelor in Business Studies. He has also been handling projects of United National Development Program (UNDP)'s Micro-Enterprise Development Programme (MEDEP).

Niraj is expert in making business approaches to meet social and environmental needs which can make positive impact in the communities. He is creative and innovative who accept failures as valuable feedback.


Dr. Sabina's journey of social service started a long time ago when she was a part of 1step Foundation. As a part of this organization, she actively engaged in blood donation campaign,programs to support economically challenged students and many more.


Buna holds Bachelor degree in Social work and in Literature from Tribhuwan University and a Master in Environment Education and Sustainable Development form Kathmandu University. She has worked in the sectors of old age home, drug, alcoholic rehabilitation, and women entrepreneurship for more than three years. She also got an opportunity to work with organization working in the serious and sensitive issue of domestic violence and gender equalities and attend the workshop on ‘Role of Women on Constitution Making’. Some other work experiences include the translator, monitoring and evaluator, trainer on the workshop like teaching strategies in school, use of Information and communication technology, sustainable development and gender.

Advisory Board Member


Nabin has experience of working in dozens of national and international organisations including Kathmandu Metropolitan City, CeProIn, SEAM-N, Environ-initiative and Centre for Integrated Urban Development (CIUD) since two decades. Currently he is also a Chief Executive Officer at Blue Waste to Value and Consultant for Winrock International.

As a Project Coordinator in Centre for Integrated Urban Development (CIUD), he has closely worked with communities and informal waste workers. He has good understanding of the issues of urban poverty, especially the informal waste workers (IWWs) and the stakeholders of Solid Waste Management (SWM). During Poverty Reduction of Informal waste workers in Solid Waste Management Sector (PRISM) program, he worked closely with Practical Action and European Union.


Dr. Rajendra serves as Programme Coordinator and Assistant Professor at HICAST since 2013. His expertise extends to policy formulation, strategic planning, and livestock development, with a notable role as a board member of Dairy Development Corporation. Dr. Yadav's commitment to the field is evident through his research, publications, and involvement in professional associations, making him an influential figure in Nepal's veterinary community.


Dr. Yuvaraj Gurung, a holder of a PhD in Horticulture, is a distinguished Agribusiness Specialist. He has played pivotal roles in various agricultural initiatives, including being a member of the Integrated Society for Agriculture and Community Development Nepal (ISACOD-NEPAL) from 2010 to 2012. As a program coordinator and trainer for the ANNEX Program, he contributed to education and training at Shree Bhairab Higher Secondary School Narakot, Jumla, from 2012 to 2013. Dr. Gurung's impact extended to strategic positions such as a District Agro Enterprise Specialist in the HIMALI Project and a Value Chain Coordinator in the LI-BIRD / ILMC Project, leaving a mark from 2015 to 2019. His commitment to positive change is evident through his consultant role in the LI-BIRD's project for marginalized communities in Salyan District from 2019.


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