Sunday, September 13, 2015

Promote Sustainable Development

Devoted in improving overall well-being of the lives of people, Jiwanta Nepal has committed in generating economic opportunities at grass root level for socio-economic prosperity and well-being. Organization has been committed to work together with the indigenous communities in Nepal to promote sustained and inclusive economic growth and social development in consideration with environmental protection. Jiwanta Nepal has incorporated the principles of sustainable development in its undertaking that are focused on the socio-economic development of the targeted communities. 

To safeguard biodiversity of agricultural products, Jiwanta Nepal has introduced the concept of seed banking in Nepal where the sustainable agricultural practice has been given topmost priority. The equal participation and decision making of both the genders is encouraged. Similarly to protect the environment from the solid waste pollution and also generate income from the waste, organization has been actively working with many communities and conducting workshop and providing training on converting waste to income source.


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